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Veterinary registration file upload can accept pdf and word docs as well.

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Suggested content for the bio

Your current employment and position.
When and from which veterinary school did you graduate?
What veterinary work have you been doing since graduation?
Any unique veterinary experiences i.e. India? The Falkland Islands?
Any relevant post-graduate veterinary qualifications? I.e. internship? University practitioner-in-residence? Master’s degree?
Any special veterinary interests?

Example bio

Kendall Smith-Jones BVSc MVS PhD
Senior Veterinarian at All Creatures Surgical in Goolongeel, Victoria, Australia
Graduated University of Cotswald in 1997 with second class honours. Have worked in small and large animal practice in Australia and the UK and did a 12-month stint in India volunteering at a street dog rescue clinic. I have post graduate qualifications in small animal medicine and have a special interest in oncology. I am happy to provide advice on all companion animal species including fish..

e.g. BVSc MVS PhD

Images of your valid (not expired) driver’s license must be uploaded in full colour (i.e. no black-and-white scans) and must be clear and large enough to read. Photocopies of identity documents are not acceptable. Both front and back of a driver's license or the entire personal information page of a passport. Documents can be uploaded in .png or .jpg format (photos and colour scans acceptable).

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If you have a change of address on your license, please provide additional documentation such as a utility bill with your name and the new address.