Phone A Vet – For Veterinary Professionals 

Dear veterinarian – introducing you to Phone A Vet

Phone A Vet (PAV) is a smartphone app connecting animal owners with veterinarians. It’s for veterinarians who wish to monetise the giving of phone advice and get paid straight away. The consultations occur on your smartphone or tablet. It can be used anywhere there is a connection to the internet.

Vet payments are currently $23.00 AU and $46.00 AU for providing 15 min and 30 min consultations, respectively using the PAV for Vets app. Copies of invoices for tax deductions and accounting are automatically emailed to you and the animal owner when the consultation is closed.

The PAV for Vets app is flexible, private, and secure. You can go offline and online as you please and you can’t be contacted further by the animal owner except via the app and when the vet is online. When you’re online, your name, town and state/territory of residence are visible on the app along with a short bio and areas and species of interest and experience, however your phone numbers and email are not revealed.

The financial transactions are run through a third-party provider, Stripe, who’s software provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure to make and receive payments over the internet.

Chat messaging, voice call, video call, voice messaging and uploading of images and videos are all available. Dictation and voice messaging features make it quick and easy to summarise consultations and give comprehensive clear-cut instructions. Past consultations are accessible.

Phone A Vet is Australian made, owned, and developed.

Phone A Vet veterinarians must be registered to practice in Australia.

To register to use the PAV for Vets app, tap the REGISTER HERE tab below to access the online registration form and instructions. Once approved the veterinarian is provided with login details and can download the veterinary version of the app (PAV for Vets) and commence providing services.

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